Soieries du Mékong 

Soierie du Mékong
Soieries du Mékong

Soieries du Mékong

Pioneer brand of sustainable fashion, Soieries du Mékong promotes Cambodian hand-weaving tradition by creating high-end silk scarves and accessories, designed in France and hand-woven in Banteay Chmar, a small village in the northwest of Cambodia. Each scarf requiring more than 40 hours of work.

It is the union of a high-end craftsmanship and a strong social project.

As a social enterprise, it fights against rural exodus and fosters women empowerment in Northern Cambodia by teaching them how to weave and offering them a sustainable job that enhance their kow-how.

The commitments of this brand to its craftsmen are:

  • offering them a sustainable work
  • paying them in fair conditions (higher salary than the average salary of the village)
  • paying 80 % of their medical expenses
  • teaching them how to manage their income
  • helping them to develop their skills by regular training session

To value our weavers, every scarf is labelled with the name and the picture of the weaver who made it.

Soieries du Mékong
Soieries du Mékong

It select young women over the age of 18 years on motivation and income criterions. They are trained to weaving during 6 months and do a 6 months’ practical internship in our workshop. They attend classes to study Khmer and mathematics.

At the end of the training, they become autonomous craftswomen and they can choose to work in their place or in our workshop in the village with a loom lend by Soieries du Mékong.

Today, almost a hundred of craftswomen (colourist, loom preparation team, weavers, technical team and managing team) work for this company in Cambodia.


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