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Soieries du Mékong holds an unparalleled know-how of dying silk threads. To design this elegant and timeless scarf, our Cambodian craftswomen applied their coloring techniques on raw silk.

Patience, precision, finesse… This Soieries du Mekong hand-woven scarf requires 8 hours of work.


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Meeting of an ancestral know-how and a French design, this hand-woven Scarf is composed by 100% of raw silk.

Model C75-SSA-30


  • Scarf attributes

Cleaning: hand washing
Color: red
Composition: 100% raw silk
Size: 75 x 195 cm
Dye: dyed thread (the silk thread is dyed before the weaving, assuring that the colors last well over time)


Soieries du Mékong is social business which is working on improving women’s empowerment in rural areas in Cambodia by providing to youngers a silk weaving training, a sustainable job, and by promoting their traditional know how.

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