• Very comfy shoes, fresh and elegant 
  • Ballerina model for a feminine touch
  • Slip on shoes
  • Eco friendly shoes
  • Made from natural materials, part made in Cambodian tradition such at the KRAMA
  • Handcrafted shoes, back to essential
  • Ethical workshop
  • High quality espadrille
  • Made with purpose and love

    Note : bigger sizes on demand
Sold By: AMBOH Espadrille
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Amboh pka

Amboh, which literally means fabric yarn in Khmer, is a new original espadrille shoe brand made in Cambodia from eco-friendly material such as Cambodian Krama, cotton fabric and natural jute sole. Slip on shoes is a must for the Cambodian way of life. 

The whole production is done by Amboh’s ethical workshop where the team is employed in much better condition than other workshop and factories; Our point is to demonstrate and convince the next generation of Cambodian designers that we make it different and reduce the “GAP”!

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