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Soierie du Mékong

Vannary San founded Lotus Silk in 2003 with one sewing machine and one tailor. We now employ ten tailors and work closely to support five rural communities. We hold firm to our vision and the ethics that guide us. We provide training, skills development and employment opportunities for those who face challenges or inequality, particularly women and the disadvantaged. We sustain local silk production programs throughout Cambodia, supporting and maintaining traditional, ethical and environmentally sustainable processes

Soieries du Mékong
Soieries du Mékong

We specialise in the production of Golden Silk, a traditional silk cultivated and woven in the provinces of Prey Veng and Kampot. We actively assist (with finance and training) struggling, basic rice farmers to progress to sericulture (growing mulberry trees, rearing silkworms and spinning silk) so that they can increase their income fourfold. We also offer training and internships to our staff willing to learn the skill of tailoring, and we currently offer two internships as Sales Assistants, as part of a Retail Business course.

Lotus Silk promotes high standards of ethical production, labour and environmentally-friendly policies. We apply strict ethical and environmental policies. We support living wages and safe conditions for all our staff. We are reducing social and economic inequality in Cambodia, and are committed to supporting local industries to provide employment that encourage livelihood and career development. We train our staff with transferable skills, offering professional development, as well as personal support to assist and encourage our team to learn and grow as professionals.


Soieries du Mékong


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