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Literally means fabric yarn in Khmer, Amboh is an original espadrille shoe brand made in Cambodia from eco-friendly material such as cotton fabric and natural jute sole.  Amboh is the mix between the french and khmer culture, mixing the espadrille with the cambodian krama. Krama is certainly the most iconic Cambodian product, and this is why we have decided to use it on all our models. It is our way to mix French skills and Cambodian culture, and it makes beautiful blend.


Mission Statement

We choose to operate using fair trade practices and taking care of those who made Amboh possible. Having our own workshop allows us 4 things, create models from scratch, change models as often as we want, open customization options and create a great family story with Amboh workers.

Buy Amboh espadrilles online
Buy Amboh espadrilles online

Our sewers work in excellent conditions, receive health insurance, get english trainings as well as wages above factory average payroll, all in a family atmosphere. Moreover, we work with cambodian suppliers and pay fair prices for their products.

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