4 Hearts

4 Hearts Silk Scarves
4 Hearts Silk Scarves

4 Hearts creations are hand-made by artisans using traditional techniques. All products are unique.

Our World

Established in Cambodia in 2015, 4 Hearts takes us back to a simpler time, when artisans were devoted to their work and pieces were made as much for the love of the craft as for practicality. 4 Hearts has been a labor of love for its founder, Phnom Penh-based expat Sigrid Horn af Åminne. Originally from Sweden, Sigrid has always had a passion for beautiful items made by hand. She teamed up with Mr Huy, one of the few artisans in Cambodia still using traditional dying methods and the Shibouri technique. All her special designed jewelries are made by hand from her workshop in Phnom Penh.

Giving Back

Sigrid Horn af Åminne has designed the ‘4 Heart charm bracelet’ to benefit School2School and World Assistance for Cambodia, two non-profit organizations. When you buy the handmade ‘4 Heart Charm’ bracelet you will support the School2School organization and their work educating Cambodian children in rural provinces, and create opportunities for poor young people.

To emphasize the Sweden-Cambodia connection, 4 Hearts donated 20 ‘Pippi Longstocking’ books in January 2016 to ‘Vasa School’ in Takeo province. Read about the project at School2School.

4 Hearts Silk Bags
4 Hearts Silk Scarf
4 Hearts Silk Scarf
4 Hearts Gold Bracelet
4 Hearts Silk Bag

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